Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Posing on a bear skin rug"

She was searching for something.

As a child, She would look thru their closets, pushing aside coats and dresses and strange hangy things to see.....

An easy answer at the very least!

The other closets were not unexplored, oh no.

In one she found her christmas presents.  A looooong yellow plastic Barbie camper.  Brand new in the box. Score!

In another she spent more time, sitting against the doorway reading through a box of comics, lewd and brightly colored. Violent and psychedelic.

It was exciting, finding all these clues, and a lot of work really, but what did they add up to?
They would explain it all,
you see
the closets were actually holes or entryways into the bigger mysteries of life.
Dig deep enough and you will be rewarded with knowledge.

Some of the inconsistencies:
She never saw Her wear that jewelry, it never left the ornate box that it lived in.

The pin with the red stone, the assorted and tangled necklaces.

The macrame choker.

What of the varied Vera scarves that never adorned her neck?

That hippie shirt way in the back, He never wore that.

Or did He?

He had also cameras in black leather boxes that beckoned you to unlock them.. wondering what alchemy you could create with these tools?

Finally, the questions clogged the closets, grew too numerous to delve for in the accessable doorways.
Too much was mysterious and webby, nothing was obvious or even as it seemed.
The search became too dangerous and fraught with disappointment.
She stopped looking.