Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Into The Night Two

Come on, let's go!

Out into the night.

It's not stormy right now or anything, just coooold.  Although that would be kind of fun, out into the STORMY NIGHT.

But you have to come on or we'll miss it.

Ok, so can you see that tree over there? No, turn your head that way.  Yeah that one, you can just barely make it out.   If it wasn't for that neighbors porch light shining on it.
Let's go over there first.

Ok, now crouch down I have to tell you
Are you listening?
You are standing on the graves of 2 chickens, a rat and a fish.
Oh I'm so sorry, you sure moved fast!
I wouldn't be afraid of ghost chickens or rats or fish.
I'm sorry I scared you, come on let's go see the thing I wanted to show you.
Yes you can hold my hand you baby.

Be careful walking, there's lots of sticks.  Jim's light doesn't really shine back here, does it?

Ok stand here.
Look at me.
Now look up.
Do you see that moon?
It's the "mourning moon", the full moon that comes after the "blood moon" of  early fall.

It's so bright!
Just stand here with me for one more minute.

Are you ready to go in now? You should have worn a hat. You're shivering.

Come on, let's go.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Into The Night

(He hangs suspended by a harness from the ceiling.  She is dressed explicitly by orders from him, Bruce, her client.    A feathered blonde wig,  a "costume" from the early 80's.  Nails done.  She is dressed as the first girl he had ever loved.)

Desire fades you know...

(She is yelling up at him, Bruce is hanging 6 ft up in the air,  his arms splayed, his torso and legs supported. It was from a tall ceiling; the room was gothic, really, appropriate with ornate radiators, somber yet extravagant furnishings, poly-fiber suspension unit attached securely from the ceiling.) touching him every now and then with a slender riding crop)

Desire fades and then it's like who cares?
I don't really even remember your face!
Your dumb face!
Or how you kissed OR how you made that ridiculous expression that I probably used to find
 SO adorable.

("no, no," he mutters, craving the crop and licking his lips and feeling his heart constrict and his brow secrete ugly little sweaty's all at the same time.)

Oh, the hell with you little man.  Yeah that's all are you are to me now a LITTLE MAN.  That pathetic card you tried to send to me last christmas? I got it.  Yes.  And you know what?  I tore it shreds and then pissed on it!!

("oh Carol." he moaned. "you don't mean it, you don't.  Think about what we meant to each other.  We were going to LIVE together.  We were supposed to get MARRIED." he writhed in his restraints.)

Ha! you think I ever would have actually married you! You twerp, I just dated you so we could fuck.

(in a completely different voice, "Bruce, you did say you guys fucked right?"  "Yes, yes!" he replied sobbing.  "Ok sure," she said.  "just checking.")

Yes it was just to have SEX.  Ha! And now,  you smelly, smelly worm,  I am happily married, ecstatically happy, with 4, no 5 kids!  And a house! And, and, a lawnmower!

("oh Carol.  OH CAROL.")

(At the end of the session, Bruce paid Marcia (mar-see-uh) her money.  As he left the building, he wondered what Carol was really doing now, just this minute.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunken Treasure

I escaped long ago but now I'm going back to the ship.

The sunken ship, the one you can see glimmering under the water near the end of the pier.

I went back to try and extract what treasures I could, holding my breath while I dove deep, deeper.

The water was murky and cold, so cold.

Everything seemed to be fastened very securely to every surface, I could not pry off even one thing.

I tried! I did.

My hands cramping, nails bloody.

So I floated up and lay on my back, staring up into the dark universe.

I didn't want to go back.  But I felt so sad thinking about all my treasures so lonely and forgotten under the waves.

Could I just forget it all and leave it to the mussels?

Or should I dive again, maybe to never return?

So I tied a sturdy rope to my waist and held my breath again.

Down, down, down.

Every time I dive, I wonder if I'll ever return.

And if I do, will it have to be empty handed?

Go out to the end of the pier some time,
look down and tell me if you see the ship.

Am I there too? Holding tight to the mast, so scared
to let my treasures go?

There is only the endless sea and all of it's mysteries.


Tell Me

Sister and I had to huddle in bed just to keep warm some nights.
 When I wasn't sleeping with Brother, Sister would make me curl up.
I didn't mind, our life was grand!

Mother always made all our clothes on that old machine, think you could do that nowadays?

Yes, I think I was by the old fireplace  when it happened.
Brother didn't know what he was doing.
Do you really remember?!

I used to daydream out of that kitchen window for hours just imagining a whole slew of friends!
Happy hours!

Brother wasn't the same since he had  come back from the desert.
He tried to mend his clothes but they always came out looking worse.
We often slept in that old tent in the yard, and he would always awaken me with his nightmares.
Yes, grasping and clutching.

Oh yes, going up those stairs every night was chore enough.
But I certainly loved the view.

Do you remember the morning light?
Me too-

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So Then I Said -

So I said, listen motherfucker, either come in or stay out, don't linger in the fucking doorways no more.

You said that?


To his face?

Yeah.  Well no, I said it in a letter, what's the diff?

Nothin I guess.  More...I don't know, somethin in person tho I guess.

Yeah, well he never gives me the time to give it to him in person! You know he's like, I'm busy or whatever.  Or he's with his wife out dancin or whatever they do.

His wife?! Oh you didn't say he was mare-ried!

I didn't?


Oh.  Slipped my mind I guess.  Huh.  I wonder if he lingers in the doorway with her, too.

What does that mean, even?

I don't know! But....it kinda makes sense if you think about it.  Know what I mean?

So then whadja say?

Oh, a bunch a stuff about how I loved him and all, and how I'd like ta punch him in the face if I ever did see him again.

He's not comin around any time soon, I guarantee that!

Oh you never know honey, sometimes they fall for that.  Men don't unnerstand us at all, do they?

No, I don't think so.  We're so....com-plex!

Yeah.  (giggle)  And what they don't know -

(together) Can come back and bite em in the ass!  (cackle)

But I really do love him.  Oh, I do!

You think he'll write back, honey?

I don't know.  I just can't stand seein him leanin in that fucking doorway no more.  Either come in and close the door or go the other way and don't darken my doorstep again.