Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers that Stand in the Rapids

So he was a man that had felt the fissures and movings of the earth at an early age:

His mother sold him at 1 years old.

His adopted father abandoned him for the war.

His step mother beat his ass with her liquor bottles.

He moved, again and again and again, leaving behind friends and schools and houses and toys and bikes and trees and deserts, taking only books.
Only books.
Always books.

His hair, always white grew darker.
And eventually whiter again.

He grew suspicious yet Zen like, going with the flow while he urgently scouted the banks for a helpful branch.

What was the river and what was the shore?  Would the earth ever stop eroding under his feet?

He traveled, he married, he unmarried.  He married again.
He fathered children.
He saw his beloved grandparents die; also his father, his evil step-mother, his birth mother, his son.

He travels the world and he collects earth from different places.
What is he searching for?
A drawer is full of these small jars filled with different amounts of dirt from Egypt, from Ireland, from Turkey, from Arizona.
Sometimes he might empty one of the neatly labeled jars onto the wooden kitchen table.  He gently stirs it around forming mandalas and other designs.  He thinks about where it is from and he tastes it.

It tastes like dirt.

happy father's day to my beloved father,
Wiley Hampton

Saturday, June 16, 2012


1. Ssssshhhhhh don't talk so loud.

They say that family lived here.

They seemed so happy! HAPPY.  Where the heck does it-

I know, gotta keep my voice down.

Don't want anyone else to hear us.

Don't wanta wake the neighbors.

2. I never thought it would be like this! The excitement! The adoration!
but then, in the morning, I wake up and nobody's there no more.
I got a headache, my tongue feels raspy and sticky at the same time, my
hands are shakin' and I just want more! More of that feeling, that. THAT.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Black-Hearted Princess

The Princess had a black heart, everyone said so.  Was she born with it?                                            Did it grow that way?   She refused to give money to the beggars in the street, even tho she had plenty.  She walked on and over the downtrodden, lifting her skirts so they never touched the ground.  She sent her suitors on tasks so brutal and meaningless they returned discouraged and half-human.

I don't think it was always this way.  
I think her heart rotted in some way, maybe from disuse.
Maybe from heartbreak.

If a heartbreak isn't tended properly, and this is scientific fact, 
it can heal improperly, becoming misshapen and yes,

The blackness grew worse until
it filled the cavity of her body, spreading so
even the sight of a unicorn frolicking 
didn't move her at all.

The kingdom collapsed, the king and queen faded away and the princess,
she went to live on a high Hill by herself,
with only her 
black heart,
her fading beauty,
and her memories of past loves
to sustain her.


Friday, June 8, 2012


is there a hole inside you, too?

what do you use to fill it?



women? (men?)

mine is bottomless.

is yours?

how did it first get dug, this hole o' mine.

i don't know when the first shovel full of (dirt) was thrown.

was i  young?

was i  old?

was it last week?

i want a bottom for this hole, i want to know how deep it goes.

i want a map, a chart a sextant to guide me.

throw me a rope, a message, anything!

i don't know if i'm at the bottom looking up or the top looking down.

i prefer the latter, but it doesn't really matter does it.

the tears flow but you know water will forge it's own course.

maybe that will guide me to the the beginning, to where the first load was dumped.

if i fill it in will it stay that way?

that hole, THAT HOLE.

i wonder:  is that me at the bottom?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is my sister and me while we were resting.

We had had a big show and we were tired
as hell.

The lights, the stamping and yelling
sometimes gives us an awful headache.

Then we just, you know, have to lie down
for awhile.

There were some funny things that happened
at the show tonite!

Well for one thing, the tent caught fire!


Vesta carried us out as fast as she could,
listening to the sounds of that audience
screaming was too much.

Also, a man offered us 10,000.00.

No, I will not say what for!

And don't ask my sister either.

Sometimes our neck hurts so bad!

We have a boy who comes in
to rub it.

We also do this trick a lot in the shows.

You like it?

 Oh I can't believe you have this picture!

We lived in that old stinker for 16 years before
Mr. Montgomery found us.

Sister whispers that he bought us, but I know that
Mama would never.

We were her angels.
 Yes, that was the sitting room!

Mama would rock us in that chair for hours,

I think I took this picture, or maybe it was
Sis.  On our first plane!  What an exciting
trip that was.  Never been anywhere before,
Never seen anything, DONE anything.

And now look at us.