Monday, February 28, 2011

Opening Comments

The hardest thing is just to start.

 To say what's on your mind or truly in your heart.  Maybe we shouldn't go there.  Too painful, too personal.  I've been there before!  Better keep it superficial and friendly.  If we get too close you might break my heart - betray me in 1,000,000 different ways.  So I'll stay on this side, you stay over there.  No, over there.   Come on,  that's too  close! I said over there.

Whew.  That's better.  I feel safer when you stay on your side.  I can still see you.  Not very detailed, but I can tell who you are.  From your features.   Close enough, I can hear you fine.

No,  what're you doing?  What.... I didn't say you could talk like that.   Honestly, directly.  No stop that talking, your words make sense, they touch me, they're traveling straight into my soul.  I know what you're saying! Yes, I feel that way too! We both...I know what you're thinking.  No one has ever....I've always been....

Why are you touching me?  Stop.  I do mean it.  I-

 I feel your pulse.  I smell your skin.  Your breathing, it's just like mine, it goes in and and out...I touch your hand.  Soft skin, electric connection.  I want everything.  Yes, this is different than before, than any other time.  Better, more special.  More real and immediate and and and-

You have to go?  You don't have to go.  Please stay.  Actually, don't ever leave me ok?  You can stay in my pocket/my bed/my heart, here I'll tuck you in.  We're all alone just me and you and we don't need anything or anyone anywhere.  No one could have what we have.

You did what? When? With her/him/them? How could you? Am I yelling?  I can't hear over the pounding of my passion.  I.  Hate. You.  I'm stuffing up my ears,  leave me alone my heart is bleeding.  I'm trying to staunch the flow,  but it will never stop, never,  ow ow owee.
I'll never do this again.   Come back.

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