Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out Here

I am living outside it all.

If my various transgressions hadn't been enough to made me an outcast, my lack of breast milk was.

At least that is what He tells me.

I live under the sky now,  in the hedges and along the highways.

The air sometimes it caresses me, other times it whips and scorns.

Greens are plentiful, although slightly dusty.

Nuts fall, as if delivered by angels.

I have a knife with which I stalk small prey.  I am getting better at it!
 (Rat tastes very similar to tuna, I never knew that)

I wear spider webs as jewelry,  wildflowers in my tangled hair.

I wouldn't have done anything differently,  even if i did know the outcome beforehand!

Out here I am free of your bounds, I can make any choice that I choose.  No repercussions, what else can you do to me?  Only the birds can mock me now!

But, no, I lie.  Do you know it?   You see me,  still lurking around your edges, still sniffing for a whiff of  empathy.  Let me in, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

But, silence;  only the air answers back.


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