Friday, July 8, 2011

They Drugged Her

When she wasn't wandering around the town, she was standing in that one place outside the saloon, warm urine running down her legs.
I'm old too now you know!

It wasn't always this way! Lord.
Yes, her parents died and she was young and on her own, what was she supposed to do?

But it was that boyfriend, he kept giving her them drugs.  And she liked em!
I don't know, maybe if they hadn't a drugged her, she might've taken an interest in life and tried to pull herself out of her miserable condition and make something of her life!

 It was them drugs!
Used to be known for her multiplication skills, she did math tricks and such for drinks! it was a hoot.
Now look at her.

I talked to her once, yes.
We passed in the thorough fare and she dropped her handkerchief that had been tucked into her skirt or someplace.  I picked it up, said Ma'am? and she turned.  Looked me square in the eye, said Thank you.
Thank YOU.
What color?
Hmm     Green?
PIERCIN' gaze, felt it seared my brain.

She seemed to  age fast all of sudden,  I guess we all did.   But i can remember when she....
you know....
 I'm old too now, you know!

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