Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Is It Over?

So now Summer is almost over.
Did you play?
Did you sing?
Did you soak up the sun till your skin was filled to it's utmost layers? (It's an organ too, you know.)

The air even now, even in the hottest August sunlight, has a secret chill to it.
A desperation.
A last gasp.

Soon we'll put all our toys away and prepare the chickens for the winter.  Buy a winter coat.  Wear more layers.  Drag out the sweaters, the hats, the gloves.

Oh, and what about the garden? Did you plant your winter vegetables?

Maybe there's time for a few more trips to the beach!
But the sun is feeling different these days, and although the lake is warmer than ever, it doesn't feel as deliciously hot to lay out after you get wet.
The warmth is not as generous.

The days are getting shorter.

And the school buses have begun rumbling down my street.

It seemed like the end of Summer when I was little was such a tragic event.  A time of opportunities missed, Oh why couldn't it last forever?

Now it's end is just a transition, a time passing into another into another into another, until there finally are no more.

Another last gasp.

I think I'll go outside.


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