Monday, September 5, 2011

At Home Again

This was the house we grew up in. 
Or it could have been.
I think it looked pretty similar.

My memory's a little foggy on the details like this.
It's hard to dig into a memory well that's full of water!

We always had such a nice, lively household. 
This is what it would look like if it took the form of a carnival.


And this was our cat: I think he was having an off day when this picture was taken.

Remember the noose?

No, I sure don't.

And this! This was our spoon! And our chair!
She never wanted that thing brought inside did she?

We shouldn't have let her leave it out to rot in the rain.

And our leg - her leg  -  our leg.

When you told me to jump ship, I thought I still had a million years left to do it.  I didn't know we were sinking so fast.  Huh.  I guess you knew more than I did.

Home's never the same place twice.


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