Thursday, December 22, 2011

The crows come out early around here.
You might call em ravens but i still call em crows, and it does so matter how big they are!

so like i said, they come out early, sometimes waking us up out of those last few precious drops of sleep, to their darn CAW! CAWING!.

Then they tend to sit there all day, staring at ya.  One side of the house or the other.   Staring in that spooky way they have, where you can't really tell WHERE they're lookin.  Sometimes one'll cry like a little baby, then another will meow like a cat!

it's the truth, i heard it.

But I wonder; what do they feel for their kin? I know that their ain't a dinner table and all that, they're not disney-fied out in nature I know that. But they must have families!  A bird as black as them black as nothing else in nature except maybe a STONE FROM THE EARTH - what do they feel for their families ? Can they feel? I know they have hearts but do they act like ours?  Can a crow go crazy?  I have heard they mate for life. Hoo hoo, I can't testify to that because  I always see them on their own.  Or in very big numbers.

So when the crows get here early, I tend to lie abed and think about things like this.
 I pretend to fly.


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