Friday, December 16, 2011


Well, listen to me because I have been around much longer than you have, sonny.
Yes! Sit right there, where I can see ya.
 Do you want to hear the story or don'tchu?

So it all started when that crazy carnival came to town, they had tattoo'ed women in there! 3 dollars for barely more than a peep, i can tell you that.
I can tell you, that in those days you wouldn't see a nude women ordinarily.  But anyway, That Crazy Carnival, when they came to town with their tattoo'ed women and their few mangy animals,

...odd things began to happen over at the gas station.
Well for one thing, oh I
just don't see as how I can trust you,
I had promised Them that I
never saw any of those
dead people.

What dead people?!
When they had the beauty contest that night,
my girl Sheryl won.  She was a stuck up Bitch, but so pretty that night.  I stood out in that crowd and clapped like hell.
We were married for 55 long years till she killed herself.  
Still don't know why.

I seem to remember there were these two twins in the carnival, used to sell tickets and tell jokes.  Said to have been naturally borned that way.  Radioactivity may have played apart.  They'd come into the hardware store, and steal tools and such!  Got banned from there anyway.  And that darn carnival was only here a week!
They were fast runners.

So now I've given you a perfectly fine story.  
I did! I told you the story of...the story of the carnival numbskull!

Oh.  The dead bodies.
At the gas station you mean?
That strange stuff?

Well I can tell you that there were 4 sailors at the carnival that evening whooping it up in the tattoo'ed woman tent and those 4 sailors never left town the next day.  Because I saw them being buried behind the gas station in a mass grave, and the diggers were an elegant midget and a clown!

I've never told anyone that story, sonny.  Whew.

Feel better now, sincerely.

You took a load off of my heart, just sittin there...

Tonight when I say my prayers and comb my beard, I'll send an extra something out for you, young fella.
You keep away from them damn carnivals you hear?


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