Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Black-Hearted Princess

The Princess had a black heart, everyone said so.  Was she born with it?                                            Did it grow that way?   She refused to give money to the beggars in the street, even tho she had plenty.  She walked on and over the downtrodden, lifting her skirts so they never touched the ground.  She sent her suitors on tasks so brutal and meaningless they returned discouraged and half-human.

I don't think it was always this way.  
I think her heart rotted in some way, maybe from disuse.
Maybe from heartbreak.

If a heartbreak isn't tended properly, and this is scientific fact, 
it can heal improperly, becoming misshapen and yes,

The blackness grew worse until
it filled the cavity of her body, spreading so
even the sight of a unicorn frolicking 
didn't move her at all.

The kingdom collapsed, the king and queen faded away and the princess,
she went to live on a high Hill by herself,
with only her 
black heart,
her fading beauty,
and her memories of past loves
to sustain her.


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