Friday, June 8, 2012


is there a hole inside you, too?

what do you use to fill it?



women? (men?)

mine is bottomless.

is yours?

how did it first get dug, this hole o' mine.

i don't know when the first shovel full of (dirt) was thrown.

was i  young?

was i  old?

was it last week?

i want a bottom for this hole, i want to know how deep it goes.

i want a map, a chart a sextant to guide me.

throw me a rope, a message, anything!

i don't know if i'm at the bottom looking up or the top looking down.

i prefer the latter, but it doesn't really matter does it.

the tears flow but you know water will forge it's own course.

maybe that will guide me to the the beginning, to where the first load was dumped.

if i fill it in will it stay that way?

that hole, THAT HOLE.

i wonder:  is that me at the bottom?

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