Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hill

Are you kidding?  I can just put on my seven league boots and step over to that mother fucking hill.

The one with the red spires that blink and blink and blink and blink.

But I do not wish to go there now, it bores me.
I once lived on that hill's underside, rather like a friendly tick.
Detesting those I moved among because they were more privelaged than I.
Little did they know of my future revenge!
I will stay here and watch.

The other direction, you know down town, to the s.w. of where i stand overlooking, over watching,
there are buildings built tall in order to intimidate me.  Pah! I could merely step one dainty foot in that direction and they would crumble, if I wished.

I do not wish to crushing them right this mother fucking moment.

To the east, ah I unfortunately cannot see in that direction from my perch so I ignore it.

But I survey all that lies before me!
Not to destroy although that may be in my plans.
No stand here and survey and think, "WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN" and "WHY ME?"

(I know I'm the queen stop interrupting me with that!)

I see
the red spires, the sour tall buildings and the water and then mountains and then....

Why after that I really do not know.

I travelled beyond the mountains several times and found long stretches of sand, windy and grey, driven endlessly by trucks.

I could not control those lands and so I backed away.

Here it just comes naturally.

How many steps of my boots would it take to get me back there now?


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  1. Wow. I feel the same way about this city too, sometimes.