Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The rugs is stained and dark under my quiet feet.             


One day I walked through the kitchen, opened the back door and just walked on out.

I had my receiving dress on and a gun.

I didn't know I was even leaving until that morning when I stole the gun from him.

He was asleep, he didn't even know it.

I wondered why I was doing it as it was happening.

              But it was easy and that helped me to do it.     

        The sky was white hot noon when 
I stepped outside.

I didn't even look around, just headed straight for the road that ran in front of the hotel, east to west.

West sounded good, as good a direction as any.

I wondered if I should have planned this, maybe I shoulda gotten better prepared.

I didn't even have a coat!

But the time was speaking to me in that way that your insides do telling me to get out now! or else?

It was the else part that kept me from sleeping ever.

I wondered if I'd die out there, freeze to death or ?

So I told myself it's only putting one foot in front of the other.

And I kept on moving.


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