Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Shepherd

Lift the veil, peer beneath! 

It won't be pretty all the time, no.

But here, hold my hand.  I'll stay with you while we look.

(Your hand is warm.)

Is that ok, if I touch you?  


So look across, through, under and over.

Let's penetrate the fog that always seems to gather.

Can you see the other side?

Trick question!  You're not supposed to.

It's ok if you do, just know that it might change.

Don't be scared.

You can squeeze my fingers, that's allright.

The gems are usually hidden, sometimes

 in the middle where the goo and the chewy stuff is.

They're usually closer than you think.

You might overlook the really good stuff at first, it may look like garbage or 

something you'd want to avoid.

They might not even be there at all.

Would you be sad?

We can always try again, that expanse will never shorten, the veil doesn't  go away.

This is our chance, be brave and open your heart.

Let's hold tight and swim together, through the veil

to the other side.


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