Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Let's Go Modelin'!"


" A Sampling of My  Workplaces and Assignments in the Exciting & Varied World of Life Modeling"  


"How to Learn to Stare at a White Wall for 20 Minutes and Not Go Mad"

or:   "Yes, I Wore The Robe"

Fact:  The majority of places I work do not have hooks on which to hang my clothes.
Sometimes my clothes are large, yes, but usually they are not!

It's really not scandalous, but there is nudity involved.
And sweat, and the smell of fear and inspiration.

Danielle taught me how to model.  
"Don't sit or lie down all the time.  Do lots of standing poses.  Don't be a lazy model."

"Don't choose a pose where you have your arms above your heart for longer than a minute."
"If they like you, they'll ask you back."

A painting teacher said to me when i was just starting:
"You're a queen up there.  They're lucky to paint you."

Well, there you have it.  Pretty steamy huh? Pretty exciting? 
We models are the unsung heroes of the art world.
The work horses of the studios.
Give me a clean sheet and a timer that works and I'm ready to go!

Let's go Modelin' again soon, ok?

Thanks to Mike Regan & Daniel Connors for their painting talents


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