Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yes She Really Loved That Cow

Yes, she really loved that cow, you think she didn't?

How she wept when they took it away, tried to give her that doll to replace it.

Imagine, a doll for a cow! Who woulda believed it?

She slept out in the barn for weeks afterward, I don't even know how long, never saw such a pitiful sight.  Empty of hay,  empty of feed, of feeling.

They tried to get her out of that barn, tried sweets and other swell things to tempt her out.
 I mentioned that doll didn't I?

Nothing worked, she wouldn't leave it.

Could hear her screaming when they finally had to drag her off.  And I mean dragged.

Well no clean clothes or food and sleepin' in a cow barn for weeks, what do you expect?

A fancy princess bed and a tutu?! A lollipop maybe?

So they hauled her off, she yelling and weeping and hollering the name of that cow to the high winds, which o' course took her words and whirled 'em away.

They never kept no cows ever after.

Can't say we were sorry about that, especially after everything that happened.

No pleasure in witnessing misery, none at all.

Yes.  She really loved that cow.

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