Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Blogs are Out of Control

I can feel them closing in on me, like a giant mommypinkribboncutekid hammer of Thor!!!

I guess "closing in" is the wrong phase, maybe it should be "slamming down".

Yes, they're slamming down on my psyche trying to pummel me into caring about someone's life who is not me!

But I don't want to go to their birthday parties and read about their adorable mini-Schnauzer.
Or swim in their virtual pool, or look at their hot husbands.

And why should I?  

Maybe I'm the 23%.

One of those ones who is just biding time at the mini-mart waiting for it all to end.

Waiting in a line; 

waiting for the robots to come take our places,

waiting for the cancer from my cigarettes to overtake me,
for my lotto number to make me rich!,

waiting and waiting--

And as I'm standing here, oh so patiently but not really in this line that goes I know not where, 
the blogs begin again,

the blogs, they come slamming down
with all the force of their trite-smuglyhip and darling sameness,

squashing me flat with their billions of universes, all unrelated, all--

wait.  What's that?


Now that's really really cute!
I mean if I had a kid like that!
Oh, that's cute!

(so how do i subscribe to this thing?)


photo of Hetalia Cosplay by Clary McCory

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