Friday, October 14, 2011


Forgive me Sir, but I must write you one further note, do not misconstrue my purpose for I know that our association cannot be continued:

You  Sir, are an Evil Onion.  You know by your past actions that I am not at fault by naming you thus.

There are more layers to you than even you may know, sir, that will only produce tears when exposed to the light.

Did you think I alone would be immune? Did your heart not hurt or beat at all as I wept?

Yes, I buried the child far out the back next to the mossy fence as you instructed.  I used a shovel that Ned had left leaning against the garden shed.  I was able to end his life as you suggested.  And I know you were right, that we couldn't possibly but I can't help feeling as if a wedge of glass were balancing itself in my head, ready to pierce through the skin.  So I move very slowly these days.

Thank you for the generous cheque, I am certain to need the funds in the future.

your devoted servant,
with love for ever and ever,

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