Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter #2


Dear Friend-

I've been standing outside your house again.
I think I saw the curtains move this time, but it might have been my imagination.
Sometimes it looks like you're really in there!!

I wish you'd come out.

I'm still not sure what you really meant
when you said that stuff, like "go away"
and "i don't want to see you anymore"

It's like, what does that even mean?                                

You didn't used to talk like that, so
what's changed?  I just don't understand.

One day we were as happy as clams, the next
you pretended as if you didn't know who I was.

Didn't we have fun? Remember all of those
meaningful talks we had?

Like that time in the bathroom of the coffee shop?

So now I just have to be satisfied with a view
of your curtains, moving or not, and imagining you
in there, or not.  It's not enough!!

I know you called the police that one day, I was
watching from behind that pink flowering bush.
Did you see me out here?  Is that why you called?
     Are you scared?                                                                                                                

I just wish you'd come out, just once!!
 I saw you when you were talking to the cops,
 but it was too far away.  To see you up close!!
 I might not even recognize you.

I'm slipping this note under the door, I hope you will find it and change your mind, so we can become friends again.

I'll be waiting.

Your FRIEND forever!!!!!!!!!!!


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