Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Into The Night Two

Come on, let's go!

Out into the night.

It's not stormy right now or anything, just coooold.  Although that would be kind of fun, out into the STORMY NIGHT.

But you have to come on or we'll miss it.

Ok, so can you see that tree over there? No, turn your head that way.  Yeah that one, you can just barely make it out.   If it wasn't for that neighbors porch light shining on it.
Let's go over there first.

Ok, now crouch down I have to tell you
Are you listening?
You are standing on the graves of 2 chickens, a rat and a fish.
Oh I'm so sorry, you sure moved fast!
I wouldn't be afraid of ghost chickens or rats or fish.
I'm sorry I scared you, come on let's go see the thing I wanted to show you.
Yes you can hold my hand you baby.

Be careful walking, there's lots of sticks.  Jim's light doesn't really shine back here, does it?

Ok stand here.
Look at me.
Now look up.
Do you see that moon?
It's the "mourning moon", the full moon that comes after the "blood moon" of  early fall.

It's so bright!
Just stand here with me for one more minute.

Are you ready to go in now? You should have worn a hat. You're shivering.

Come on, let's go.


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