Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Her Mansion

In her mansion there are rooms of course.
Furniture, windows, heavy wooden doors with heavy iron pulls.

There is treasure in that house, hidden and in plain sight.
You might not recognize it if you see it.

There are vague shadows that flit across the cold walls, that taunt and tease.
Sometimes they whisper words of long held fears.

If you choose to wander through the mansion, watch your step.
The skeletons may pop out!
There is also a hairy guy with an axe!
(just kidding)

There are occasionally strange animals running wild through the hallways,
dropping their poisonous feces on the velvet runners.

There are warm inviting glows emanating from under the closed doors that
soften and disperse as you draw near.

Some windows are nailed shut, some are painted bright blue and are opaque.
Some you can open with one pinky finger, with the softest gentlest touch.

One last word, watch out for the ghosts.  
And don't stay too long, or you'll long to stay forever.

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