Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Geologic Events

Come here-  she said, gesturing with one finger.

He refused to move.
No.  he said.  YOU come HERE.

So she went.  They kissed.

She sat on the bed.
 I actually wish you'd leave, she said as she stared at the floor.

Sorry, it's not my fault you're always confused.  He lit a cigarette and flicked ashes on the floor.  Stupid rug, you know i've always hated this rug.

So are you leaving she asked

I'll let you touch my breasts if you leave.

He didn't know what to do.
Time stopped and the glaciers melted as he contemplated his options.

He noticed the plastic parrot hanging against the curtain, the color of
the wall, the cobweb in the corner.
The color of her hair, the mole in the corner of her mouth.

Stars exploded and babies were born.  They grew old and died.

He left.


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