Friday, May 13, 2011

Just She and She part 1

There once were two sisters.
One was tall,  beautiful, vain and selfish.
The other was short, Ugly and as loving as could be.

They lived together in harmony in a lonely house
provided for them by their long dead parents.
Indeed the girls had lived alone for so long,
and worked in concert so successfully,
that they came to believe it had always been this way,
and always would be. Forever and forever, amen.

Just She and she.

(Did they not know that everything in nature grows old and dies?
Did they not know that eventually only one would be left to
darn the socks and boil the water?
No. )

One day a mailman came to the door.

(He was new on the route, and didn't know
the sisters had expressed a "dislike" for the local
mail service.  In a series of  escalating letters
addressed to the Postmistress of their town
the sisters demanded an immediate end to all personal mail service,
 or they would, they vowed prettily,  have to "fuck shit up".
Thus their front door mail service was hastily discontinued.)

so one day a mailman came to the door, bearing the holy fruit
of direct mailing, the VAL-PAK.  He wondered idly why no other mail
was marked for this address, but an idle quickly passes
when one is confronted with a beautiful woman.
Yes it was She, and She was pissed.

We receive no mail!  She hissed at the public servant.
He could only stare, slightly dazed, at her heroic form.
She seemed to give off light in soft waves, he was completely taken in.
Then She spoke: Are you stupid? Can you talk?
He tried to thrust the VALPAK at her but She reached out and karate chopped his forearm,
right on the bone.
He staggered  back and completed his introduction by thudding backwards
down the steps and landing in the dirt
as she came through the door.
she, pulsing with sweet maternal concern whilst sucking the waves of local beauty magnetically into  her destroyed looks.
Oh you!  to her sister.  Let me help you, I'm so sorry She's so mean.
He let her help him up and
 her hand, so soft and warm and reassuring,
but all he wanted to do was stare into Her face!
Stare into Her eyes!
Come in, she said, I'll help you clean up

And like a sleeping puppy he was gently carried away,
into the lonely house.

end of Part 1

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