Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Of A Kind

I always wondered which one it would be, me or her
me or her
ME  or  HER.
Who would triumph, would it be me?
Or her?

This had been going on forever, it was nothing new.  We were a competitive pair, we couldn't stop trying to beat the other at everything we did.

And now it had become deadly serious.

The competition was fierce and only one of us could come out on top as the winner.

The loser, of course, would be forever shamed and branded a L*O*O*O*O*S*E*R
 and well, they'd just have to live with the knowledge that THEY were the losingest loser for forever and forever.  Amen.

No small punishment.

But I didn't care, this time I was going for the proverbial gold!
I felt as if I could SEE the outcome, I could  TASTE it,  it tasted like fine boxed wine!
The victor, of course, would be me!

That taste in my mouth? The one that I thought was the sweetness of Victory?

It turned out to be the flavor of loss, and I was too stupid to know it.

I sit here and wonder:
If it had been ME that had died, would SHE feel as much like the loser as I do right now?
Maybe someday she'll tell me.

Maybe not.

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  1. To live in the intelligently created world, as a human species, requires the counsel of the Creator, does it not? Nature is competitive by design, but man is cooperative by design. There are no winners or losers, only people working side by side for the betterment of each other. They work, not as a collective, but as individuals seeking individual counsel and guidance daily.