Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Guest

I got home the other day and found a balloon in the yard.  

It was strange; no one in the neighborhood had balloons out or anything, where did it come from?

(it made me especially nervous because you know that  60's tv show the Prisoner?  Remember "Rover" the menacing rolling weather balloon that could smother a man with a heartless shriek/groan?)

It was not a very festive balloon.  It was like "Rover"'s little brother!

The cats didn't really care about it, Fuzz was too preoccupied with his abscesses. 

I admit i kind of freaked out when it tried to go inside the house, fuck it was weird!

But then it just rolled on by.......

and lodged itself snuggly behind the barbeque.

I gave up watching it when it didn't move for a long time, but i still looked at it from the window.  
From inside.  Every now and then.

It's still out there, in case you're wondering.  That stupid balloon,  it's been here a month. 
 It's starting to sink in on itself,  just beginning to wrinkle and deflate.  But it's still rolling around! I can't stand it.
  But i don't have the guts to approach it.  
So we co exist, not asking much of each other.  

I definitely don't let it come inside the house!

And i do feel a little guilty for wanting it to die, I'm literally salivating thinking about stomping on it or poking it with a pin.  Do you think it can tell?

SSSHHHHH! Here it comes.....................


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