Friday, November 11, 2011

Tell Me

Sister and I had to huddle in bed just to keep warm some nights.
 When I wasn't sleeping with Brother, Sister would make me curl up.
I didn't mind, our life was grand!

Mother always made all our clothes on that old machine, think you could do that nowadays?

Yes, I think I was by the old fireplace  when it happened.
Brother didn't know what he was doing.
Do you really remember?!

I used to daydream out of that kitchen window for hours just imagining a whole slew of friends!
Happy hours!

Brother wasn't the same since he had  come back from the desert.
He tried to mend his clothes but they always came out looking worse.
We often slept in that old tent in the yard, and he would always awaken me with his nightmares.
Yes, grasping and clutching.

Oh yes, going up those stairs every night was chore enough.
But I certainly loved the view.

Do you remember the morning light?
Me too-

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