Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunken Treasure

I escaped long ago but now I'm going back to the ship.

The sunken ship, the one you can see glimmering under the water near the end of the pier.

I went back to try and extract what treasures I could, holding my breath while I dove deep, deeper.

The water was murky and cold, so cold.

Everything seemed to be fastened very securely to every surface, I could not pry off even one thing.

I tried! I did.

My hands cramping, nails bloody.

So I floated up and lay on my back, staring up into the dark universe.

I didn't want to go back.  But I felt so sad thinking about all my treasures so lonely and forgotten under the waves.

Could I just forget it all and leave it to the mussels?

Or should I dive again, maybe to never return?

So I tied a sturdy rope to my waist and held my breath again.

Down, down, down.

Every time I dive, I wonder if I'll ever return.

And if I do, will it have to be empty handed?

Go out to the end of the pier some time,
look down and tell me if you see the ship.

Am I there too? Holding tight to the mast, so scared
to let my treasures go?

There is only the endless sea and all of it's mysteries.


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