Saturday, April 30, 2011

Those Scissors


she hovered, yes hovered in the yellow light that filtered through the window.

it might the last warmth she would feel for a long time.

the spring had been so cold, so grey so long.

but this heat, this little patch of sunlight was GLORIOUS!

he was sleeping on the bed, wrapped snugly in a nest of blankets.

his knees, pulled up to his chest she supposed, formed strange sloping hills under the covers.

she had the scissors in her hand.

they were long, steel, sharp.

to leave this patch of sun! it was very hard to do.  

yet so very necessary.

his hair fanned limply on the pillow, a greasy tangle of former glory.  

(how fine it would look swirling down the toilet!)

and then she began to move.

step.  step.  step.  step.

he opened an eye creakily and looked up at her.  

she imagined plunging the scissors into his heart.

i love you, he said sighing, settling into his nest in a soft bunny rabbit kind of way.

i love you too, she said, and then she raised her hand.


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