Sunday, June 26, 2011

King St. part 3

And you'll never guess what I did for love in that house up on the hill!
Never in a million years.

Yes sir I built it.  With these two hands.
Yes before they built the bridge, the house was on the edge of a very steep bluff, went allllllll the way down to the tideflats where them were always digging for something.

You see, I thought I could make her love me.   Oh you know.  But she didn't want to stay, she just wanted to "go home" you know, all the time.  Got a little tired of hearing the same thing, wouldn't you?
I tried to give her what she wanted, but it kept changing!

I heard that too.
I don't think she haunts it, no sir.  I never have felt anything like that, I guess I'd know if she came back! Ha ha.
It's not like she died here.


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