Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She Thought!

She thought it was a real job!
No kidding!
See, what happened was that she spent all her money getting out here, and then the "job" that she came all the way out here for turns out to be...you know.  "Something" else.
You know! Don't play dumb, you're faking! You know.
She thought it was a governess job.

I heard those postcards of hers were selling for 50 dollars in some places!
I know. There are only so many of them.
They show her tattoos!
Brady bought one.  He doesn't know I know.  He won't tell me how much he paid.
He did!
go get it.

It actually just costs 20 dollars, to, you know....
Brady has a  friend,  a fellow that he drinks with, he said he knew firsthand that she'll
do it for free, for love.
You trickster! You don't say!

Is that how the other stuff happened?
You heard about that?
Oh, yes.  I find myself getting a little weepy about all of those goings-on.
Well, she certainly has kept her looks, I will give her that.
Yes, but you know what the bible says.
Of course! That's very true.

Well it's lucky her folks aren't here.
Nobody knows her, really.  We shouldn't even be talking about her.
It's scandalous!
Yes, and except for what happened in the desert...
Yes, that.

Oh, well with the way she was living, it's no wonder...
When you're promised a job though...Lord, what are you supposed to do? Not work?
Was she that naive? If she thought that she could ever be anything else
I've heard they're born that way.

She must enjoy her work, don't you agree?
Yes, 20 dollars is nothing to sneeze at.  But for love!....
May I see the....again...
Well I'd better get...
Yes me too.

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