Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Those Girls!

fuck yeah i'm a fuck you up!
Step off BITCH, look at my man like that
Yeah, your hair look real pretty lying in a puddle of your own BLOOD

oh  i like your dress! 
Your hair looks really cute, did you just get it cut?
I like it A LOT.
It's just the right cut for your face.

you think you're pretty special, you're so PRETTY.
what if i took this wine glass and smashed it on the table like this and then ground it into your face, huh, what then?
(dripping blood onto your designer shoes!)

I like your shoes! They're really cute!
That's a great color on you.
Is that new?
What a beautiful tattoo!

(why do i sense you before we even make eye contact,  sneaking up behind me like the stealth warrior you've had to learn to be.   Speak in codes you learn, and don't ever let THEM know what's going on.  You want something from me, my loyalty or my shoes or my man or my scalp.
What will we use next to get what we want?)


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