Monday, June 6, 2011

My Backyard

there are things even i can't see in my backyard.



yesterday, i heard a noise that sounded like a hanging man.  creak creeeeeak.  no other sound but the wind.  the chickens weren't very upset by it.  i wanted to investigate, but i was too scared.  i thought that it probably sounded like Andrew when he- 

the trampoline is covered with ivy, the hottub is leaking some kind of foul gas.  Even the garden gnome is apathetic.

But the flowers! and the bees, we'll have raspberries soon.  The sun, warm light falling through the leaves of the plum tree!

I taste life and I find it bitter; I savor the sweetness I can find. 
  I will eat it all until there is no more.


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