Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Early Days

I knew it was going to be bad when he put his hand on my arm like that.

When he finally opened his mouth it was to ask me to fight crime with him.


All I said was, "Why me?"

He said he needed a partner, a side-kick.

"For what?" I asked.

To fight the bad guys, he said.

"Rob, someone needs to kick some ass in this city! And I think I'm the one to do it.  No, I know I am. Did I tell you about the dream I had-"

"Wait, wait a minute," I broke in.  "Bruce, you're not going say I was in some perverted dream of yours?  Are you? Like last time? I'm totally scarred for life from that one."

"Oh no, no no no nothing like that."

So we kept talking about it for a bit, hashing it out I might say.

"And I can change my name to Dick.  Cause the women are gonna be all over this Robin character!" I bragged.

"Robin? Why not just Rob.  I don't really like you competing with 'batman'.  I really really really want to use that."

"Allright, allright." I gave in.  After all, he was going to be my new boss.  Dancing in a cage was getting  old.

"So I have to ask you Rob-"


"Yeah right, so ROBIN, are you prepared to die for your fellow citizens?"

Well I have to tell you that made me pause.  I had to sit still for a minute and think about that one.  Sacrifice my own life for a fellow human.  Who I probably will not even know.  Who might not even be...attractive.
I thought- "Well, what do I get out of it?"

Which I accidentally spoke out loud.

"This job isn't for everyone Rob.  I thought you'd be a great partner because you have a big heart."

I was looking sympathetic and all, but all I could think of was dying from getting shot over some mean old lady or something.  A Junkie.
Well really anyone!

"Bruce, I don't know.  I sounds like a great opportunity and everything but...."

"I know.  It's not really for you.  That's fine.  I'm glad you told me now before we started trainings and costume fittings."

"Yeah.  Sure."

As he got up to go, Bruce turned and looked at me, and I have to say I shivered a bit.  He seemed to have some big time charisma coming off him or something.
"Rob, I wanted you to know that you were my first choice."

"Oh, hey, thanks!"

"No problem.  So I've gotta go look for Jessie, have you seen him lately?"

"Try the laundromat."

"Gotcha! Hey, do you mind if I keep the ROBIN thing?"

"Nah," I said.  "I won't be using it."


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