Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi, my name is Shoyla Green32.  I live here.  On the Ice Planet.

Oh, we all know that you guys call it that.  And it is.  An ice planet, I mean.

But it does have a name, and if you Blue Planeters (that's what we call you!) could see outside your own narrow universes, you'd know that.  Maybe.

For instance, I live in a city just like you! We learn how to speak English by watching two movies:  The Breakfast Club and No Strings Attached.  Can you understand me very well? I'm still working on it...

One thing tha you might be interested in about our planet is our two stars, Romulus and Azrael.

Awesome, huh? Azrael is the fiery one on the right.  He rises in the west, over the roiling seas of steam.

Here is Romulus rising in the east.  We have many stories about the two stars competing to make it to the top of the roof! They are awesome stories.
Oh yeah, He emerges from the mountains of ice, so he's cooooold.

This  really bright star is Azrael! He's my favorite!
Because we live in this cold climate, we worship warm things and fall in love with heat.  Probably sounds silly to you, you have so much green and blue.  We have white.

See the ice on the plants? That's our drinking water! Oh I just hate ice melting every stupid day!

All in all, I don't think I'd want to live on your planet.
Sorry, but we've heard some really bad things about you guys.
Is it all true?  Some things we've heard just can't be true.  In Earthlink class last year, I cried a lot.  You guys can be so....destructive.

Oh well, I've probably been talking a lot, so I'd better go.  
Have a good time here, remember to get a Flatisse at the Market.  It's good with ice.

Maybe some day I'll come to visit you!


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