Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Angel

I saw him again! I saw him!

My love, my Love
 my guardian angel.

Don't think he's sweet and gentle, he's not.
When he lifted that car off of me, you could tell
that you would not want to piss this guy off!
His magnificence is beyond words, above
any knowledge.

He disappeared afterwards, after kissing my forehead,
He went away
into the crowd,

The first time I saw him I was a young girl,
trapped in a well.
A light appeared above and came
down, down.

And there he was, next to me, hugging me saying
"Sssh, ssshhh my darling
 it's alright, you'll be o.k. You
weren't meant to go like this."
Holding me in his arms his
blonde curls brushing the top of my head.
Soft fingers caressing my cheeks, my

We ascended in a rush of wings, to the
world above
and he was gone.

So I saw him again and I love him, I do!
I've considered walking against traffic or
skydiving without a parachute.

He'll only come when I need him, I think.

How badly do I have to hurt to see
my love?

My heart will beat only for him, my
guardian angel.


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