Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dystopia Rulz!

How machine like can you be?

maybe you have a part of your body replaced with some metal or plastic.

you take pills for nutrition and energy and health and sanity; they keep you from veering off course!

Do you:

A.  drive a motorcycle; your body is fused to a fast engine on two wheels.

B.   drive a car?   you are the brain of a heavy, outer mechanical shell.

C.   ride a bike - you are a part of a mass of gears and spokes and wheels.

D.   go on two legs?  you are primitive and genteel, weak exposed and clever as hell.

Do you talk through a box?  Do you breathe through a hose?  Do you see through lens'?

Is this what we wanted when we first saw we were made of cells?  Is this what we aspire to be?
We are not smart enough to know what we are and where we came from!  Sorry, but there are things as humans that we will NEVER figure out!

Will we know when we aren't human anymore?  Some of us might become 30%'ers, like that's how much human or machine you are.

While we wait you can hold my hand.


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