Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have You Heard?

Say, have you heard the one about the girl in 303?

No not that one, the new one, the one who just moved in.

Oh I guess not huh?

Well I heard this from Billy so you never know it's reliable or not, seeing as he's such a drunk.

Ok ok, he's reformed or whatever, I still never know to believe him or not.

You want to hear this or not?

So yeah, the girl in 303,  Billy lives below her you know, in 203.  So last nite he heard a bunch of wierd stuff really late, furniture being moved, heavy footsteps, stuff like that.  And then he hears her yelling out the window and I'm not kidding it was something like, "I'm sick of all you fuckers! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!" blah blah blah.  So Billy sticks his head out the window and looks up and she's STANDING on the window ledge! Yeah, three stories up!  He can see her just BALANCING there, kind of swaying back and forth with her arms out to the sides.  Like she's gonna FLY.  He yells something at her, something like "Stop!" or "Don't jump!" and she looks down and sees him.  I guess she kind of smiles and she says "LOVE is killing me."  No kidding.  And then she jumps, goes right past him.  Kind of flying she's dropping so fast.   So of course he leans out the window and starts to shout "help!" but instead he just runs outside.  He gets out there and THERE'S NO BODY.  NO NOTHING.  But he saw her jump right?  Do you know what he did see?
A bird.  A dead bird.  A CROW.  Just lying there, dead.

Wierd huh?

Yeah her apartment's empty now, no one really knew where she went, left all her stuff behind tho.


Oh yeah, he's drunker than ever after that, seeing a girl turn into a dead crow.  Poor guy.

There's enough craziness in this world.


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