Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ship Wreck

why do i continue to wreck my ship upon you?

Those harsh cliffs, wheeling shitting gulls.

We seem to have telepathy you and I so it's

for me to find the most treacherous places to hit.

My ship is becoming bare, it is so

damaged by the constant pounding

and sharp salty seawater

seeping in through awesome holes.

The boards are coming loose on the deck;

The sails are raggedy, and carelessly patched.

So I  navigate around the cliffs and dangerous rocks,

but that leads me into open waters.

The crew valiantly clings to the ship -

(altho some do plunge overboard in terror and ocean like tears)

the deeps roil.

i am afraid.

Was it better to -

Should I have -

The moon pulls me further out to sea,

out of sight of any land or safety.

O earth and rocks and sand,
sticks and bugs I miss you!

I will pilot my course,

eat a t.v. dinner, and

find something to pray to.


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