Monday, May 28, 2012

What I Always Thought

1.  When the sun is at the right angle, you can see Air.  Those little bits of "dust" that dance in the sunlight?  That is actually Air.

2.  Television and Radio are unexplainable mysteries.

3.  I would be the one to go crazy.

4.  That that was Nancy Spungen who talked with us through the Ouija Board.  And told us to fuck off.

5.  That I will never donate my organs, especially when I'm dead.  How do you know what you see when you're dead.  Maybe your eyeballs being removed?!?  Please cremate me, quickly.

6.  Heaven is up and Hell is down.

7.  Cemeteries are cool.  And haunted.

8.  I was a temple dancer in a former life.

9.  We are doomed.

10.  There are two halves to my face that are mirrored in my personality.  One kind, one badass.  The left side, cynically raised eyebrow, pouty downturned mouth.  The right; a bright green eye, two beauty marks and a gentle, eternal conspiratorial smile.   They try to get along, but sometimes it doesn't work out too well.  

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