Monday, March 14, 2011

the Haunted House

Today the sun came out so they
 decided to go and check out that haunted house.

It sat on the top of the hill overlooking the rest of the neighborhood with a grim mediocrity.

(They didn't actually know if it was haunted,  but it did have a sinister aspect, in the right light.)

The neighborhood seemed emptier than usual.  Were there people in all these houses huddled down watching through the windows?

As they trudged up the hill,  a piece of trash took on a more desperate meaning.  

Not all haunted houses are ornate victorians. 
 Sometimes the ghosts are of a more modern
 type.They prefer to live in a split level with
 vinyl siding.

As they approached the house, they tried to sense a ghostly presence in the air.
They remembered the glass trunk that used to sit 
on the porch, lately taken by a nameless neighborhood thief.
They berated each other for not absconding with

the treasure themselves.

They tried looking through a window, 
but the grime was too thick.There were boards
 covering the windows on the side, maybe pry one off?...

What if there's someone inside?
No but what if? They might be in there,
 like the type of person that doesn't ever 
leave the house and is like... you think? But I've never seen 
anyone leave.
I know.  That's what I mean.   

What if I look in and all of sudden there's a face looking back?

Soon the clouds came back and the seniors
 started filing down the hill.  Bingo must be over. 
It was time to go--

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