Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Night after Night

Night after night I sit here and watch her dance.

Sometimes the air gets so hot I can't breathe but I don't care.  I don't come down.
 Not anymore.

The girls, they come up and bring me whiskey.  Plenty of it.
There's my friend Lucky.  He always leans, even when he's drunk.

I can't stand the way some of these girl's are dressin'!
But I love to see her sitting and looking in the mirror.

To be invited up.....that is a big deal.  Means she likes you.
You could just bust in but.... I don't like to treat her that way.
Some nights I just prefer to watch.  From afar. Especially so she can't tell I'm watchin'.
If she knows you're interested, she'll take you for all you've got.

Stay back!  You want her to see me?

You dog!

 Well when I die, they'll be takin' me to the graveyard in Doc Sweeny's Black Moriah!

Believe it or don't.

I still feel a little funny having buried Old Chuck yesterday.
Was that his wife dancing tonight?

Lord, it's hot up here.

I won't go upstairs tonight.

Ever since that bad night/day and night with Apache May, I really haven't been the same.  
The same person I mean.
Who would be?


I guess I feel better sleeping outside.
Good night.

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