Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the Party

It all started in the usual way - alcohol, cigarettes, friends.  Gathering friends, hanging out.
      "I'm gonna get Fucked Up!"

And here are the drugs.  The last inhibitions float away, the party reaches for new heights. Oh, how much fun can we have?!

Experimentation.  Excess.  Ecstasy.

Invisibly the tone changes.  The friendliness dissipates into clouds of smelly, intoxicating smoke.

     "What do they want from me?"

Ensnare.  Excitable.  Evoke.
                                 The pitch climbs ever upward. 
 To heights seen and unseen.
  Acknowledgement is futile, how 
could you ever stop this train.  
Who has the straw/bill/pipe/light/etc.?  
  Personalities dissolve, faceless fun.

"Who are you again? Altho I don't really care! 
I just wanted to.."

Encircle.  Explosion.  Eruption.

Things happen so fast, sometimes you don't realize until it's over that something out of the ordinary has actually occurred.  No one intended it to happen.  That's not the point!  

Now we'll remember it with a hazy horror for the rest of our lives.

Eyeless.  Elusive.   Endless.

*thanks to Timmi Mikkel Harrop for the inspiration for "the Party" and for the "murder" pictures

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