Sunday, March 27, 2011

To Tide You Over While I'm Gone

I'm in a love/hate relationship with Humanity in general.

Humanity has a love/hate relationship with Humanity.  
In general.
You are just not that easy to get along with.
For instance:

I hate you when I'm driving and you're driving and
you act really rude.
I also hate you when you drive a Lexus,
eat flax seeds or
when you break my heart.

But I love you when you're an artist,
when you bring me flowers or
when you save me.
When you're an artist and you create!
(like a god)

This, "relationship" takes work.  A lot of it.
YEARS and YEARS of work.
Daily I am disgusted and repulsed by
your manners and your habits, but
I still have to cook dinner every night!

How much yoga do you expect me to do!

So I do what I can, what I have to do to
get along
with Humanity.
We're kind of stuck with each other,
at least until we all become robots.
And you know what,  in the coming war
between the Humans and the robots,
I'm planning on fighting on the side
of the Humans.

What else can I say?
It's love.

please read all past posts, there will be a test when i return from AZ   -KMC

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