Sunday, February 5, 2012

$90.00 an Hour

"So I kind of think that  I might be like a love godess or something."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, like people, men, fall in love with me and I have to continually give pieces of myself away to....satiate some kind of motion of the universe. I have to bring love to the world.   "

"Uh huh.  Let's go back to this 'love godess' thing.  I think we're onto something there."

"Well, no, I mean like I think some people are Dwarves?  And elves and goblins? Like we're all descended from these....ancestral mythological beings.  And you can still see some of the traits the old traits in them.  Have you ever noticed that?"

"Uhhhhmmm.  And you're...."

"Well yeah I said 'love godess' I kind of meant....Aphrodite or something.  A MAJOR deity.  That demands....a sacrifice.   I mean my psychic told me I was reincarnated from a temple dancer.  OH MY GOD.  What if all of my lives I've been the same spirit, this 'LOVE GODESS'  trained to serve men and-"


Oh, you're serious.  Huh."


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