Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Paper Clip

Dr. Stewart,

I was suddenly very afraid that the pink paper clip i found hooked onto the tag of my sweat pants involved me in a bigger cons;piracy or project.
Were my clothes being monitored?
I had chosen the "pink paper clip" sweat pants; was my choice being watched and notated elsewhere?

What of my suddenly writing furiously on my laptop at the sink in the steamy bathroom.
What would THEY make of that.

I'm sure they are not reading my words anyway.
They know my habits by now, anyway.

I felt somewhat appeased by the idea that I didn't count.

The lingering...fear is brought on again:
 Who attached the paper clip to my pants? If I had left the stupid pants where they were when I found them, I could have found some clues.  Maybe.
So ok ok, I know that a "paper clip" is not really that big of an idea.  right?  hahahahahahahahaha ha.

I will let you know if I find anymore.


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