Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six, Five, Four

I  was staring at the white wall with the speaker cord running along it.  There was a long shadow that i became convinced was a cast iron pipe.  The  speaker cord was resting on the furnace that hangs from the ceiling and i started obsessing that the wire would melt and cause a fire.  The furnace's name is MODINE and I always think, "Matthew?"

If you don't quit I'll hit you, I mean it!
Ok, don't give me those eyes.
The first story was about Moses and how he piloted his arc to the north pole and liberated the eskimos.
That was the first one i heard and boy was i hooked!
Sure you can look at my radio, if you want, maybe, we can go
for a ride and maybe...we'll...have...a....story.
(wink wink)

Upstairs was quiet.
No one was there.
Hmmm i wondered.
Then I remembered! And that's why i should never have gone upstairs!
I rushed into the bathroom and there they were, all hacked up and packed in the circular bathtub.
I backed out of the room, backed down the stairs, got a cigarette, backed out the front door and sat down in my laz-y-boy.
Those pancakes are never going to taste the same, now.


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