Saturday, February 25, 2012

One Two Three

I just thought i would make the Bisquick this morning.
But strangely, no one was awake.

I called out, "who's up?" and no one spoke.
I started to get the first chills.

But i went on upstairs anyway.
Big mistake right?

My radio was really saying some weird things today! I mean it was like i had books on tape or something! There was no stupid talking or music, just stories, lovely STORIES you know i love
 the stories.
What were they about?
Well I don't know, i've heard so many by now!
It's been going on for awhile, and why do you want to know?
How long? "how long?"
I don't have to tell you nuthin.
And ESPECIALLY about the stories.
I'll keep them for myself (nosy turd).

While i was working the other day, I started wondering if my arm, like what if  the nerves in my arm DIED and my arm turned black and had to be cut off.  And then I had to have a bionic arm or whatever it's called.  Would I be a popular model? Could I get film work? Are there any other bionic art models out there? Could I tour?
Then I started thinking of something else.