Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did You Buy That? #99

That silver sequin is still there!
It won't go down the drain when i wash the bathtub so I just leave it there.
Is that wierd?
I take a bath with it every nite, it floats companionably close to the drain.


Ouch! I've got a sequin in my eye!!
NO! Stay away I've got it.
God how did that get there.
Look it's red.
It's got eye juice on it.
I wonder if it came from your skirt.


I chose to wear the sequined top for the portrait session.  But poor Anton, putting up with months of abuse from me on how it was HIS fault that I was suffering so.  You see, these were pure metal sequins not those plastic ones you pussies wear nowadays.  As the sitting went on and on, lasting over two years, the sequins began to cut away at my underarms.  (I can still feel a ghost of that slicing!)  Scars would form and then separate during the next session.  They never had time to properly heal.  At some sessions my arms would bleed so that Anton would start adding the blood to his painting.  He would collect by wiping the blood off my skin with a special paintbrush.  It didn't hurt.
I'll show you the scars sometime.
It was my choice, I love that sequined top.


Thank you Andrew Harrison for the middle photo

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