Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burning DNA

We used to walk up this road holding hands.

See how it ends at the woods up there?
Back there, that's where we used to have our bonfires.

He was always the drunk guy that would climb
up into the old treehouse
and then jump down and land REALLY CLOSE,
or in the fire.  He thought it was hilarious,
all ninja-like.

I have dreams about him;
I'm wandering through a haunted house
 looking for him.
I know he's there, but I can't find him.
Shit.  I hate those dreams.

Once I had a sad dream;
 we were in a beautiful garden,
and I was holding his hand and we were smiling and
I said    Let's go explore   and 
he let go and said     I can't, I'm dead.

They actually found him out there,
by the old fire spot and the old tree house.
I haven't been back there for years.
There's condos there now!
Maybe in the dirt under the foundations,
there is a fossilized boot print, or
some of his DNA on a flattened and burned beer can.
(does DNA burn?

The only proof left that he was ever here in the first place.
Except for that elusive spirit of my dreams.

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